• Elaine Dinnigan

Not just for those close to death

end of life planning; "I feel like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders" words from one of my clients after completing an Advance Health Directive, Enduring Power of Guardianship, Enduring Power of Attorney and Funeral Planning. The reality is we do not know our 'use by date' while we like to think that death follows some logical order; retirement, hobbies, travel, reaching 70, advancing to 75, 80 advancing ill health as some kind of indicator that death is coming closer, and finally, slipping into a sleep that we do not wake up from.

Death can come at any time, our children may die before us our family may not be 'the happy family' we would like to think they are, and even if they are, without guidance who will make the decisions and what will they decide?

Planning is an opening to have the discussion with those who love you while emotions, and grief are not dictating the outcome; do you want to be kept alive by machines?

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