How to achieve personal autonomy at the end of life

Its about having your wishes known about things such as: do you want to die at home or in hospital? Do you want to leave the tough decisions to family?


Do you want a say about what treatment you receive and when you want to stop treatment. Then you need an Advance Health Directive otherwise the medical system will do everything it can to keep you alive. This may sound like a good option but think about not being able to speak for yourself, death is imminent, but you are being kept alive by machines and tubes; is this how you want to die? Then do nothing, if not, the first thing to do is have someone assist you to complete an advance health directive

Secondly plan your funeral

Do you want to die at home? Do you know you can have a home funeral; which means your body can stay at home. Family and friends can come and visit, stay for as long as they wish, and help create a sacred space for you to rest for a period of one or two days before its time to leave.

Do you want to be buried or cremated? Do you know you can have a natural burial in a bush surrounding with just a shroud and/or eco casket.

Do you want a wake or ceremony? Do you know you can have one while you are still alive to enjoy it, or you can plan your own celebration of life for after your death. You can go ahead and have a traditional funeral choosing which elements you want; the point is you have choices if you plan.


Enduring Power of Guardianship 

Guardianship is appointed to one or more people to make lifestyle choices for you if you are no longer able

Enduring Power of Attorney is appointed to one or more people to make financial and estate choices if you are no longer able

Your will, which dictates how your estate is to be dealt with after death, and Emotional Wills, letters, poems drawings of a personal nature distributed after death to specified individuals.


While I thought that I was learning how to live, I have been learning how to    die.    Leonardo Da Vinci