Death is a natural and sacred part of life.


                 what is an end of life doula


Death doula,  death midwife, end of life consultant are all names to describe people who choose to provide information and or services to the dying and their family.  I choose to call myself an end of life doula, and my business is end of life planning services. It is a heart centred practice that empowers individuals and the family. I  provide end of life planning, support visits, family relief,  home funerals, celebrant services, and on call services.

As an end of life doula, I view myself as part of a renewed death movement moving away from the medicalisation of death allowing people choices about dying at home and refusing life extending treatments. In Western Australia this happens through advanced care planning and includes Advance Health Directives, Enduring Power of Guardianship and Enduring Power of Attorney

The name “doula” originates in Greece and means "a woman who serves” and was given to those who served women through the lifecycles, so as birth doulas provide support for  entry into life, end of life doulas support individuals and their families towards the end. Today not all death workers call themselves doulas and end of life work is done by men and women

End of Life Doulas work alongside other professionals, family and friends, utilising non- medical skills. They accompany, guide and assist the dying person and their family providing information and support.  Doula services can be provided in the home, aged care, palliative care facilities and hospitals.